1. What are Web services? How do Web services differ      from services provided by application service providers and traditional client/server      web-based applications? Describe with an example using in a business      transaction scenario where web service(s) play a role in exchanging data      between two disparate systems. 5pts.      + 5pts. + 5pts.
  2. Why is a service description necessary for      representing Web Services? 5pts.
  3. Describe the parts of the Web services <portType>      element.  5pts.
  4. Can a single service contain multiple ports? What is      the implication? 5pts. + 5pts.
  5. What is a <tModel> and how does it describe      technical service information? 5pts.
  6. What is the purpose of a WSDL to UDDI mapping model?  5pts.
  7. What is REST? What are the constraints an application      needs to fulfill to become RESTful? In your own words (please use your own      words and not copy and paste from the internet) briefly describe each of      the constraints. 2pts. + 2pts. + 11pts.
  8. In your own words, please describe the MVC (Model-View-Controller)      framework. What are the benefits of using the MVC framework?  10pts.
  9. Describe how SOAP processes distributed applications. 10pts.